Attorneys Who Do Everything In Their Power To Obtain Parole For Clients

After your loved one is convicted of a crime, it is time to look ahead. They paid their debt to society. Now they are determined to get parole and move their life in a positive direction. Before your loved one becomes eligible for a parole hearing, you need an experienced attorney who can represent their best interests.

Pelton Law Offices has spent decades fighting to get clients throughout the state of Texas released from prison. The firm’s criminal defense attorneys have more than 60 years of combined criminal defense and parole experience. You can call the firm now at 713-524-8471 to schedule your free consultation with an attorney.

How A Passionate Team Can Make A Difference

The firm invests the necessary time to get to know your incarcerated loved one on a personal level when building their case. Attorney Robyn Harlin works closely with her office manager, Sharon Bass, to investigate and interview clients before their parole hearings. Ms. Harlin and Ms. Bass will travel to meet your loved one in prison to prepare for the parole hearing.

Based on this interview and every other relevant case fact, the attorneys will create a personalized and persuasive argument for your parole hearing. They will represent your loved one’s best interests at every stage of their parole proceedings.

Understanding Parole Guidelines

Inmates are considered for parole by the Texas Board of Pardons and Parole. In order to present evidence in-person before the hearing, a lawyer must be retained.

The board considers various factors in determining parole eligibility, including:

  • Education level
  • Employment history
  • Job training in prison
  • Prison conduct
  • Age at first admission to prison
  • Previous incarcerations
  • Propensity to reoffend based upon the nature of the crime and other various facts

These are not the only factors considered in a parole hearing, and parole board members may vote outside of the guidelines. Because of the subjective nature of a board member’s vote, it is crucial that you choose an attorney who can show your loved one’s commitment to rehabilitation. Because an inmate does not have the right to attend the hearing, it is imperative to retain a lawyer to make the case to the board in-person.

Do Not Wait To Start The Process

The staff at the Pelton Law Offices are passionate about obtaining results for parole clients. You can contact the firm’s Houston office by calling 713-524-8471. You can also email the attorneys with your information.