Parole Attorneys Who Focus On Solutions

After a criminal conviction, the first question that many people ask is “How can I obtain parole?” Finding an answer to this question is a complex process because the details of a person’s crime and personal background will influence if obtaining parole will be possible.

The attorneys at Pelton Law Offices do everything that they can to help their clients get parole so that they can move forward with their lives in a positive direction. The firm’s lawyers help prisoners and their families across Texas create compelling parole arguments for parole.

Attorney Robyn Harlin has more than 20 years of Texas criminal defense experience and a long history of success for her parole clients. Ms. Harlin and her office manager, Sharon Bass, will help your loved one navigate the parole process. You can schedule your consultation at the firm’s Houston office by calling 713-524-8471.

How Pelton Law Offices Helps Parole Clients

The firm helps clients obtain parole by:

  • Starting the process as soon as possible: Your loved one’s eligibility for parole will depend on many factors, including the nature of their crime and the time they spent in custody. Even if parole is years away, you can help your incarcerated family member start the process now. Ms. Harlin will explain the most likely timeline in their case and work to get their release on parole as soon as possible.
  • Getting to know parole clients personally: Ms. Harlin and Ms. Bass understand that you cannot know the essence of someone by looking at a piece of paper. They travel to meet parole applicants in prison so that they learn more about their clients in face-to-face interviews.
  • Providing candid legal guidance: Ms. Harlin’s experience allows her to determine if obtaining parole is the likely outcome of a client’s application. She will explain the potential challenges of applying for parole and give you an honest appraisal if parole is possible.
  • Creating individualized parole applications: Ms. Harlin and Ms. Bass use the information they obtain through discussions with incarcerated people to create personalized parole strategies. This unique argument will show the parole board how your loved one has changed and why he or she deserves parole.
  • Vigorously representing clients: Ms. Harlin and Ms. Bass will be by your loved one’s side at every step of their parole case, providing legal guidance and support. They will effectively represent your loved one before the parole board and fight for their interests.

Get Help With Your Parole Application

You can start the parole process by scheduling your consultation at the Pelton Law Offices. Call the firm’s Houston office now at 713-524-8471 or use the contact form.