What Clients Say About Our Attorneys

The proverbial professional personal attorney is how I would describe Robyn Harlin.

Robyn and I have worked on multiple family legal matters over the past 15 years. Robyn’s knowledge of family law, wills and estate planning has ‘saved my bacon’ by preparing legal documents demonstrating clarity and cogence with her prose style. She’s traveled to West Texas to ensure divorce proceedings went seamlessly for my brother. She’s created medical POA’s for my aging mother. She’s drawn up general warranty deeds for properties in Fayette County. She is currently handling a difficult and delicate issue with regard to a Texas Probate Court proceeding. Robyn is loyal and dependable – always present and available to support her clients. She is hard-working and willing to share her knowledge to help others along on any legal journey that may develop. Her contribution is marked with numerous hours of “sweat equity” getting the work completed with swell-thought-out consultation. She has delivered accurate documentation and legal advice to me always raising the serious and challenging questions that push the dialogue to a more reflective and perceptive level. Starting many days way before dawn or giving up her lunch hour AND working late into the evening in order to meet with me or my wife to accommodate our time schedules is commonplace. She spends endless hours listening to “our story” in order to design and develop the appropriate action needed all the while ferreting out the chaff from the grain of needed firm consult during emotional family matters. Her positive attitude helps us to feel more comfortable in the difficult situations we have been left to deal with. Looking back over my 30+ years of experiences, I can highly recommend Robyn where professionalism, innovation, dependability, and integrity are sought. She is successful in any endeavor she tackles due to her exceptional insight and analytical skills. Again, without reservation and with enthusiastic support, I recommend Robyn Harlin. She is a person with substantial experience and is a joy to work with and learn from!